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  1. Lord, I pray for our government leaders here in France. I pray that you would give them wisdom and discernment from above—that they would lead with a spirit of calm and deliberation. I ask Lord for political one-upmanship to be put aside, and for humility and servitude to be the posture of France’s leaders during this unprecedented time. In the matchless name of Jesus, I pray.

  2. We have been confined for a few days and we start grumbling, becoming impatient and feeling depressed. What is wrong with us?
    Have you ever imagined what could be the life of someone who becomes blind or is paralysed due to an accident or stroke? They are also in a confinement that they will have to endure their entire life in this world. We have the hope that our normal active life will resume in a few weeks or months. They don’t. Where can they place their hope to sustain life?
    Is life not worth living should our confinement last forever? This is human to think like this and modern society pushes us towards this kind of belief that life is not worth living if we can’t enjoy it. If we believe so, it is because our hope is misplaced.
    Let us remember the promises God made to us: there will be no suffering in heaven, no death, no pain, it will be praise and joy with Jesus, and for eternity. Is our hope placed in this time of being in the presence of God for eternity? When it is, our current sorrow shall fade away and the fear of permanent confinement shall disappear.
    At the current time when we are bombarded with depressing news about the spread of the virus, the number of casualties, the likely extension of the confinement. Let us lift our eyes to God who has prepared a place for us in His kingdom and receive from Him the assurance of being part of eternity with Him. This will certainly boost our spirit and make us strong in front of adversity. Confinement will always be temporary; time in heaven will be eternal.
    Where do we choose to place our hope today? In the end of confinement or in the Lord’s Kingdom?

  3. Please continue to pray for our church family and some of their extended family who are in the hospital at this time. We know that God continues to be sovereign, even when we don’t understand why things are happening. I am grateful for the hope that is beyond understanding and peace that surpasses current circumstances. We love and pray for you all.

  4. Scripture shows us that the Lord has a way of turning around bad situations for His good. We may not be able to understand or even see that in our lifetime, but we can take encouragement from remembering past victories. Confinement can be a time when people meet Jesus for the first time or in a deeper way than before. I received this message from a friend:
    “It’s a little tough to put a positive spin on this but i think it’s been a good reset for me and i think a lot of other people. I just read my Bible for an hour, I can’t remember the last time that has happened. People are just kind of slowing down and taking in the moments more.”
    Let’s pray for more of this to happen around the world!

  5. This was from the Bible reading plan today:
    “If you obey Jesus you will have a life of joy and delight.” Well, it is not true. Jesus said to the disciples, “Let us go to the other side of the lake,” and they were plunged into the biggest storm they had ever known. You say, “If I had not obeyed Jesus I should not have got into this complication.” Exactly. The temptation is to say, “God could never have told me to go there, if He had done so this would not have happened.” We discover then whether we are going to trust God’s integrity or listen to our own expressed skepticism.
    I want to trust God’s integrity even today!

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