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Our Beliefs

Trinity is a Protestant Christian church in Paris, France that is part of The Christian and Missionary Alliance based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, and the Alliance des Églises Chrétiennes Missionnaires de France. While people from many different cultures and denominations share life and ministry together as the Trinity family, we believe that certain core Biblical truths are essential to genuine Christian life.

We believe in one sovereign GOD who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God has revealed himself to us in his creation, in the Bible and in his Son, Jesus Christ as the infinite-personal God who calls us to worship and obey Him as the source and Lord of all life.

We believe that JESUS CHRIST is God’s Son, sent to the world as God in human flesh. He came to reveal God to us and to provide the way for us to know God personally and to enjoy life in him. Following his ministry on earth, Christ ascended to heaven where he is exalted with the Father in the position of authority and power over all.

We believe that the HOLY SPIRIT is the living spirit of God sent into the world to make real and personal the will and work of God. He is the one who draws us to God, convicting us of our sin and need and graciously calling us to faith in God through Christ.

We believe that PEOPLE were originally created innocent and pure in the image of God, but that the first man and woman sinned through disobedience so that all people and all creation since then have been separated from God and from each other. Therefore, all people are by nature broken in body, soul and spirit and are in need of reconciliation.

We believe that God has graciously provided SALVATION through Jesus Christ who died on the cross as payment for our sin. He then rose from the dead to open the way to radical new life. All who place faith in Jesus Christ, apart from any human effort, by turning from self and sin to him alone as Lord, are forgiven their sin, justified in God’s sight and saved from their fallen condition by God’s grace alone. The Holy Spirit of God gives new and eternal life to all who receive Jesus Christ by faith, living within them, providing fulfilling personal fellowship with God, and empowering them to be all they were first created to be.

We believe that the CHURCH is the living body of Jesus Christ on earth today, of which he is head and Lord. The church is formed and filled by the Holy Spirit who baptizes us into the body of Jesus Christ when we come to faith in Christ. Individual members of the church are responsible to maintain the unity of the church and to work for its maturity by faithfully exercising their spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that BAPTISM and COMMUNION are sacraments given to believers by Christ to be faithfully observed as memorials of the saving acts of God and as signs of faith in Christ.

We believe the BIBLE to be the inspired, trustworthy, infallible Word of God. As our only rule of faith and practice, the Bible is to be read, studied, and taught as God’s call to understanding of truth and obedience.

We believe that the GOSPEL is the good news of God’s kingdom and his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is to be proclaimed to people of all nations for the good of the world and for the glory of God.

We believe that the KINGDOM OF GOD has come to us in the person of Jesus Christ on earth. He continues his gracious rule today in all believers who acknowledge his Lordship. He will return to earth to complete the establishment of God’s eternal reign over all creation, after which he will renew both heaven and earth according to his great design.