While we are prevented from gathering in-person, we are not alone! Together, we remain committed to following Jesus, to learning, to praying, to encouraging and serving each other in many ways.

Sunday Service Online

While our usual services are on hold, we will have a service prepared weekly on Sunday with a devotional message and a worship song playlist for our spiritual edification.

Video Messages

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for short devotional messages and regular sermons. Join us at 10h30 on Sundays for each sermon premiere and discuss it with others in real-time!

Zoom Sundays

Join us at 11h15, immediately after the sermon premiere on each of the following Sundays:

Keep in Contact

Look at our Contact page for different ways of communication or to subscribe to our email list.

Other Video Resources

Enrich your faith with freely available content from these trusted ministries. Bible Project has ad-free YouTube channels in English & French. RightNow Media is usually paid-only, but is free during lockdown.