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Not a believer?

The message of Jesus Christ.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Good News of God. It is to be proclaimed to all people. But in order to fully appreciate the Good News, we must first hear the bad news.

Ok, what’s the bad news?
The bad news is that every human being is a sinner, because all chose not to live according to God’s commands (Rm.3:9-12). When God created all things, He told us how things should work, but we all chose our own way, therefore we separated ourselves from God and since then none of us can keep his commands nor come back to God by ourselves (Rm.3:23).

What’s the Good News?
This Good News is that God loves the world He created, and so He chose to send his only Son Jesus Christ to save those who believe in him (Jn.3:16).
God is perfectly Holy and Pure; He cannot tolerate sin nor evil; and since He is perfectly good, He must exercise justice. According to God’s Law and justice, we are all guilty of eternal death (Rm.1:18-21).
So Jesus came to live a perfect life according to God’s standards, and to die in our stead on a cross so that sinners can be saved from sin and eternal death, and be reconciled to God (Rm.5:8). At the cross, Jesus took our place under the divine wrath and give us the benefit of His perfect life of obedience to God (1 Pe.2:24-25).

In raising Jesus from the dead three days after his death, God the Father approved His sacrifice on our behalf. The transaction has been accepted. All those who place their faith in the death, life, and resurrection will be declared righteous before God (as if they had never sinned) and be fully forgiven their sins; they will never be any condemnation for them (Rm.8:1).

What does it mean for me?
Jesus calls all people to repent and believe in him. It simply means to agree with God —the creator and ruler of everything— that:
– we are sinners (we fell short of the standards of God)
– we need God to save us by his mercy and grace
– we repent of our ways & believe in Jesus Christ who is the only way to God

Now is the time of grace during which the Lord Jesus calls sinners to repent so that they can be saved from God’s coming judgment —which will occur soon, when Jesus comes back.
And for those who receive his Gospel, they will start right now a renewed life with God, and they will spend eternity sharing the glory and joy of God.

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord,
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead,
you will be saved. (Rm.10:9)

I have more questions.
We’d more delighted to answer your questions and help you come to know Jesus Christ and his Good News.
Several ways this can be done:
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