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Bible study Groups are paramount for the growth of every Christian; they are where individuals can discover the love of Christ through his Word and the fellowship of his saints.
Whether you’re in Paris for the short or long-term, we’ll be happy to help you find a group that fits your schedule and location.
To learn more about groups or to find one to join, please email us at, or come to one of our people on a Sunday.


Catalyst is an English Bible study. The perfect place to experience Christ together in studying Scripture, sharing moments, and growing in faith together. This Group welcomes all age groups, everyone is welcome. If you are interested then come as you are!
We meet on every Wednesday at 7pm at Genesis.

Men’s group

All men of all ages are welcome to this weekly Bible study. This is a safe place to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord among other gentlemen so encourage one another to become faithful Kingdom men.
We meet every Tuesday evening at 7pm at Genesis.

Ladies group

All women of all ages are welcome to this weekly Bible study. The purpose of this bible study is to bring women closer to Lord Jesus Christ so that they can be able to grow and walk in His ways and serve His Church.
We meet every Thursday’s evening at 7pm at Genesis.

Palabra de Vida (estudio bíblico en español)

This group is for people for everyone who feels comfortable with spanish. We’ll be glad to welcome you to our group on Tuesday’s evenings at 7:30pm at Genesis.
Este estudio es para todas las personas que sientan comodas con el español.
Te damos la bienvenida a nuestro grupo todos los martes a las 7pm en Genesis.

Pierres Vivantes (étude biblique en Français)

Cette étude est le contexte idéal pour les nouveaux baptisés ou ceux qui commenceraient à  répondre à  l’appel de Christ dans leur vie ainsi que pour tout disciple de Jésus qui souhaite continuer de progresser dans sa marche avec le Seigneur.
L’étude a lieu le Lundi à  19h à Genesis.