(Re)Discover the Bible

(Re)Discover the Bible

 a discipleship program.

     Do you want to know what God is speaking into your life? (Re)Discover the Bible is a 4-week interactive study offered to both new and mature believers right before church starting on Sunday, January 21st.

     It will be held from 13:50 to 15:15 each Sunday in Salle Calvin, top floor of the church (58 rue Madame, Paris). There are no books to read or homework to complete, and all material will be provided.

     The aim is to walk in community with God through His Word. We will work together on how to better approach the Bible in order to draw closer to Jesus by covering the following:

– why we can trust the Bible (the “doctrines” of scripture)

– the overarching story of the Bible and where things fit in

– understanding the different styles of writing in the Bible

– practicing with observing/interpreting several passages of scripture


     The course will be will be led by Greg Apkarian and Malcolm McLoughlin. Please email ticparis@gmail.com to register or sign up here (http://bit.ly/2kreQ3z) so we can provide materials for everyone!


Note: We are working on childcare options according to demand, so please let us know if you would like to come and have Sunday-school/nursery-aged children.