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#MonthlyFeature : Welcome Team


The hustles and bustles of being an international church means that we are vibrant, multicultural and constantly moving in the busy city of Paris. That’s why we feel that it is crucial to have team of friendly volunteers eager and ready to welcome new folks.

Taking part of what makes Trinity feel like home

On Sundays, they are the people that great you before the service and welcome you especially if you are visiting for the first time. After the service, you can give them your prayer and/or connect card and they would love to fill you in on the latest news at church like small groups, serving teams and outreach opportunities.

How to become part of the Welcome Team

Get in touch with Eileen at to start serving. Else, chat to a team member or fill in a connect card available every Sunday service.

[Sermon Series] Who is this man?


From February to April 2014, we will dive into a new series of messages leading up to Easter asking the question about Jesus, Who is this man? 

We want to look at how Jesus has changed the world and how he can change our lives and our priorities as well. He entered the world with absolutely no dignity at all. He would have been known as a mamzer, a child whose parents were not married. All languages have a word for mamzer, and they are all quite ugly. He was born in a stable and laid in a feeding trough, his nursery mates were the animals. He was wrapped in whatever cloths were available. He was born without dignity, accused of being a mamzer and he would die with even less dignity; convicted, beaten, bleeding, abandoned, naked and shamed; dying a criminal’s death.
Who is this man that we call Jesus and sing songs about? What difference does it make that he was born and came into our world? Is the world really any different because He came? Over the next few weeks we want to ask that question together.

De février à avril 2014, nous commençons une nouvelle série de messages qui nous mènera à Pacques en posant cette question à propos de Jésus: Qui est cet homme ?

Nous voulons voir comment Jésus a changé le monde et comment il peut changer nos vies et nos priorités. Il est entré dans le monde sans aucune dignité. Il était connu comme un mamzer, un enfant de couple non-marié. Tous les langages ont un mot pour mamzer, et ils sont tous plus ou moins laids. Il naquît dans une étable et fût installé dans une mangeoire, ses premiers camarades furent des animaux. Il était vêtu de ce qui était disponible. Il naquît sans aucune dignité, accusé d’être un mamzer et mourut avec moins de dignité encore; condamné, battu, blessé, abandonné, nu et honteux, mourant comme un criminel. 
Qui est cet homme appelé Jésus et à propos duquel nous chantons ? Quelle différence cela fait qu’il soit venu au monde ? Notre monde est-il vraiment différent depuis sa venue ? Durant les prochaines semaines nous voulons étudier ces questions ensemble.

A First Noel

A First Noel from Trinity Paris on Vimeo.

Watch Mally's remarkable testimony as he reflects on the ghosts of Christmases past. From alcoholism and a life-altering diagnosis for his child, to being an expat in a foreign land, Malcolm, who attends an Alliance international church in France, knew something was missing from his life. Visit for more about this and the global work of The Alliance.