Senior Pastoral Couple

Al and Carol Clason

Al grew up in a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor’s home and Carol grew up in a main-line church in Iowa.

Al received Christ at a young age on his father’s lap and was called to missions at a bible camp as a youngster. Carol was baptized as an infant and confirmed in the church but it was only age 17 that she realized her need for a personal Savior and gave her life to Christ. Carol and Al met at St. Paul Bible College (now Crown College in St. Bonifacius, MN, USA). Al went to seminary after 3 years of pastoring and got his Master of Divinity from Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, MN.

Al and Carol also served as youth pastor at Grace Alliance in Forest Lake, MN during this time. After graduating from seminary, Al and Carol went to pastor Alliance Community Church in Duluth, MN.

In 1987, Al and Carol became missionaries with the CMA, spending one year in Paris to learn French and then going to Guinea, West Africa. There Al finished his doctoral studies, with a Doctor of Ministry from Bethel Theological Seminary. They taught at Telekoro Bible School for 6 years and were in field leadership in Conakry for 4 years.

Al and Carol left the mission in 1999 and they began to pastor Christ Community Church of the CMA in Excelsior, MN. After six years, they returned to overseas ministry in France in 2005 at the invitation of the French field director who had worked with the Clasons in Africa. Al and Carol have three children and seven grand-children.

contact : alan.clason@trinityparis.com


Todd Burkes

Born in the great state of Ohio, Todd worked as a newspaper journalist four seven years before coming to France in 1995. Now working as a social worker for troubled children and their families within the public system, Todd has served at Trinity as an elder and speaker since 2006. As of 2015, Todd has been focusing his role as an elder in developing social outreach within and especially outside the church.

An avid supporter of his Cleveland football team, Todd has helped people from inside and outside the church on the subject of reconciliation and forgiveness. He has three young adult children : Madalyn, Ben and Olivia.

contact : todd@trinityparis.com


Tony Roos

Tony is a husband, father and leads the Envision Paris short term mission and discipleship site (with the C&MA). When he is not enjoying spending time with his wife and kids he can be found taking things apart and attempting to put them back together. He and his family live just outside of Paris, France where the cheese is as good as they say it is.

contact : tony.roos@trinityparis.com


David Soquier

David was born in Cambodia and moved to Paris in 1969. After graduating from l’Institut Biblique Européen de Lamorlaye, he served as a pastor for the first Chinese C&MA church plant in Paris in 1977.

As an elder at Trinity, David has seen in the past few years a number of Chinese people give their lives to Christ. His wife Sou-Huong and him have three adult children : Jonathan, Rebecca and Ben.

contact : david.soquier@trinityparis.com