About Us

Trinity International Church of Paris is a multi-cultural family of believers committed to helping people follow Jesus Christ for the good of the world and for the glory of God. With individuals and families coming together from over 36 different nations, Trinity is a testament to how being part of the body of Christ transcends culture, education, language, social circles and more. In light of this, our prayer is to carry out the commission of disciple-making and to impact the city of Paris in a unique and God-glorifying way. Trinity is a member of The Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) and the Alliance des Églises Chrétiennes Missionnaires de France (AECMF).


We express our faith as a body of believers in the following ways:

  • Celebration – Worshiping God for who He is and for what He does.
  • Connection – Belonging to a community that accepts people for who they are yet helps them become more than what they are.
  • Character Transformation – Becoming all that God the Father has created us to be, all that Jesus Christ has freed us to be and all that the Holy Spirit enables us to be.
  • Caring Influence – Serving the needs of people with love according to spiritual gifting, heart, abilities, passion and experience.



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Sou-Huong Soquier (president)