Trinity Vision

Our church is a unique spiritual community coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, including international business, research, and diplomatic arenas. The church includes students, multi-cultural families, newcomers to France, and some of us come to improve or keep our English. We represent over 20 nations of the world and many different Christian traditions, yet we find unity in Christ as we follow him together. We live to express the four pillars of our faith below.


Worshiping God for who He is and for what He does.


Belonging to a community that accepts people for who they are yet helps them become more than what they are.

Character Transformation

Becoming all that God the Father has created us to be, all that Jesus Christ has freed us to be and all that the Holy Spirit enables us to be.

Caring Influence

Serving the needs of people with love according to spiritual gifting, heart, abilities, passion and experience.